Responsive Design: I love how my wordpress blog looks on the iPad

Recently I bought a new iPad (which I am still very excited about). I spent sleepless nights downloading apps (425,000 of them and counting!) and exploring more and more of this awesome technology. Having used other tablets and devices, there are obvious pro’s and cons, nevertheless I love my iPad. I downloaded the free WordPress app and saw my blog, honestly, I loved it more than the web theme! I couldn’t stop looking at it more. Apart from the clean and fresh graphic treatment, I was drawn more into how responsive the architecture was.

With devices like PC’s, Laptops, iPhone, Ipad, Backberry, Kindle, and the numerous Android devices it is  quite a task for the designer to make a robust implementation for all these screen sizes and learn the different interactions of each device. The most important factors to understand human behavior while designing intuitive and responsive experiences for these devices are PLATFORM, SCREEN SIZES & ORIENTATION. Adaptation to the users preference and providing the appropriate experience is the need of the hour.

Here are some screenshots of this blog on the iPad

1. I loved that it had a cover, almost magazine like (similar to the experience of reading books and apps like Flipboard)

2. The rest of the article pages continued with vibrant widget style layouts

3. Each individual article opens into a scrollable modal with capabilities to share and view other posts of the blog. Neat implementation!

So basically I loved this adaptation of Responsive Design and hopefully will post more often! You guys are awesome, keep reading my blog!

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Happy new year and I hope all you folks have prepared your resolutions (if you know what I mean) for the new year!!

Signing out! Love.



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